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· Resin Abrasives(4)
· Bonded Abrasives(21)
· Backing Pad & Sanding Block(34)
· Cup Brush(22)
· Diamond Blade(6)
Backing Pad & Sanding Block  -  Super Velcro Sanding Block



Used for automobile. Have two applications: Soft & Hard.
Soft is for sanding the car surface and corner. Hard is for flat surface. Used with Art No .109.10-Y and 109.10-P. High effective performance.

109.10-Y and 109.10-P is a special product suitable for fast sanding. Used as velcro and PSA disc, suitable for different curved surface and paint polishing. Taking advantage of the semi-open strew grain technology and special anti-clogging sterate, it can pervent clogging and stick efficiently, get an optimised work surface

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